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It's been a while since I came in here.
Thought I would pop in and say hello, since I still have my "blue" danet name 8)

So what is the latest camera everyone has.

I have 3 different types now.

A canon S120 smaller camera, takes amazing low light photos at 1.2 f/stop

A canon 50 optical zoom and my fave one actually.
My first one....earlier this year, I fell into the water with my camera, so it was cactus.
I searched for another and found it in the USA, brand new, so I purchased it and all good to go again.

And I have a Nikon 750D, with several different lens.

Horses for courses of course.

What do you have?
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Re: Hellooooo

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Never mind, danet, it's a ghost town on most of the boards except the corner shop and even that is pretty quiet.
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