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Jean Turnbull, here, some of the teachers i remember were.
Miss Young, taught English, was a great teacher.
Mr Henry, taught Mathes, was terrified of him.
Mr Richardson nick named Pinky, taught Religious Instruction.
Miss Spencer taught Cookery, was great.
Miss Stevens, Taught P.E. and Science, was a Terror
Mrs Pollard, the Librarian.
Can't remember the headmaster's name but he had a false leg.
Mr Thynn, a big man taught History, was good fun.
Miss Ritson, nick named Nana because she was so old taught sewing.
The deputy head was Miss Georgeson.
Anyone remember them?
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Doc Lyons was my fifth form teacher, a real star
also remember Mr. Burke (english - anyone remember Burkes Law? - "daint torn roond"
also Mr. Stewart (science)
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Aaaaaah....teachers ..
It was D.O.C Burke and years later he lived in the last house in Ocean Road ..and when I delivered the post round there I saw his name written as above...Alfie Thynne I think that was the spelling ..great guy
Mr Chunky Galloway (after his hairstyle ???) met him at a dinner years after
Pop Henry with the crooked teeth lived in King George Road ..
.Mr Charlton ..taught me in the Juniors and Seniors ..seen him at a Sunderland match ...must be in his eighties now ... lives/d in Tynedale Road
Pinky ..just weird can't say much cos he's still alive
Mr Stewart lives in Beach Road ..a pinup for the girls to lust after
that's enough for now your own opinions :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Re: Tcaechers

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Hi.I'm new to this site and am few years after the last post.But here is tuppence worth.I remember most of the teachers mentioned.Some with affection,some with dread.I remember Pop Henry taking me for maths, after a while he would stop teaching and read us a story about Chaka Zulu.Doc Lyons was also my fifth form teacher firm but fair.Also Mr Burke,who was also in charge of the school milk and we always got some of the left overs.Mr Stewart and Mr Thynn were well respected and liked.Some of the P.E teachers could be quite brutal.And can anyone remember Mr Almond(metalheed) the metalwork teacher,who if you did something wrong would pick up a hammer and send it your way just managing to miss your head.Mr Bruce the woodwork teacher was full of little phrases like "you can take off but you can't put on" or "use your common sense" the last word had to be supplied by you.There was a few more I can't fully recall but hopefully they may come to mind.I was at Cleadon Park until 1968 and can only recall one class photo ever been taken of 1b, with Mrs/Miss Gillis as the teacher. I will try to hunt it out and post it.
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