Got to be careful what you say!

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Got to be careful what you say!

Post by sherri » Sun Dec 08, 2019 2:16 am

I saw this report on the internet.
It's about our local council. I'll just say, broadly speaking, that over the last few years the council has been on the news a few times for all the wrong reasons. I better not say any more than that though. :D :wink: ... spartandhp

There are some lines in it though that I thought people even in here might find interesting. (This is supposing some people still look in)
The resident who made these statements paid about $80,000 for defamation in an out of court settlement

Mr Angenent's legal problems began in February 2017, when he took to the Berwick Springs Estate Facebook page to voice his opposition to a council plan to reconfigure the entrance to the estate and build a large roundabout.
"Council will not acknowledge the concerns of the residents about the current proposal, but accepted the views of the cashed-up developer.
"The whole process to the required upgrade works has been a deplorable, unprofessional joke," Mr Angenent posted on February 25, 2017.
But within months, Mr Angenent felt the full force of Cr Aziz's legal team, who claimed in a 40-page letter that the posts had 28 defamatory imputations.
The correspondence from law firm Barry Nilsson, which regularly act for Casey Council, said Cr Aziz had the "highest reputation as an honest, efficient and competent mayor and local councillor."
"If this matter is litigated, we consider that a court would award our client general damages close to the statutory maximum of $381,000," a partner from Barry Nilsson said in April 201

If you look at what Martin actually said too, it is pretty mild compared to what some people post on public facebook noticeboards. :shock:

You can probably *guess* my private view though about whether Martin deserves a refund.

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