Historic Salisbury and Bad Acting

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Historic Salisbury and Bad Acting

Post by ralph » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:40 pm

It was hard to repress a smile today when watching the two Russians accused of the Novichok killings, giving their explanations as to why they had been in Salisbury. They mentioned such facts as the height of the Cathedral steeple and that it had one of the earliest working clocks in it's tower. Oh to be sure while there, they thought they would look up their old friend who by amazing coincidence, along with his daughter, and a policemen, nearly died as a result of coming in contact with Novichok. Two others, one of whom died and one who recovered also accidently came into contact with the nerve agent.

Equally, it is hard not to feel ones jaw dropping in amazement at the surprize and indignation expressed by our own side, that a 'Double Agent' should be targeted in this way. We lap-up films like James Bond where Agents are 'rubbed-out' on a regular basis, as if this sort of thing couldn't happen in real life, and certainly we in The West would never dream of behaving in such a way. The West has as a matter of course encouraged revolutions, entered into wars, tried many times to assassinate the late Fidel Castro and tried in any way possible to 'change Regimes' that we did not like. We have smuggled prisoners around the world to interrogate them in countries with poor human rights protection and in the case of Bin Laden, invaded a Sovereign State to murder or kidnap him. Nuclear scientists in Iran were assassinated on the streets and the list goes on almost endlessly.

Am I criticizing The West? No I'm not - they did what they believed was, and in some cases was right at the time but often killed millions when doing so. I just can't stop feeling that a great deal of our indignation is like the performance of the two Russians, a bit of 'po-faced ham-acting' that has to be done as a time-honoured ritual on these occasions. We have kept Julian Assange holed up in The Embassy of Ecuador for many years, it would be interesting to see what fate awaits him when they (as they will) eventually get him out? :roll:

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Re: Historic Salisbury and Bad Acting

Post by andysfootball » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:54 pm

the matter in Salisbury is all pretty plain really ralph

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