Help to identify building on Hill Street

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Help to identify building on Hill Street

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Hi folks

I am working on a University project photographing around the Holborn area of Shields. I came across a building and I'm curious what it used to be used for. I've walked past it plenty in the past when I used to frequent the Rose & Crown but I have never seen it in use.

It is a white(ish) building on the left hand side as you get to the top of Hill Street (as you come off Commercial Road) before the road bends around towards the Rose & Crown. It seems to have a small emblem/crest above the entrance to the property. It seems to have been painted over at some stage. I am sorry that I do not have an image but I was shooting with a film camera and didn't have my phone with me.

Can anyone shine any light on this building please?

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Re: Help to identify building on Hill Street

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Might be the old Middle Dock offices.
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