Marlborough Street ghosts???

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Marlborough Street ghosts???

Post by Imryanhouston »

I've recently moved in to a property on Marlborough Street. When I was a lot younger I could see people that weren't there, and for a number of years I've seen nothing, until recently... Instead of seeing people in person (but not alive) I'm seeing strangers in my dreams, so I am open to the idea of ghost and things...

I'm feeling strange things in the flat, lights going on and off, noises in the lost, yet my boiler is a back boiler, there isn't anything in my lost.... Cold feelings, constantly, within two minutes of the heating going off, when I leave the property, doors sound like they have opened (the latches are old, it's normal) yet when I return, all of the doors are closed!

I'm just wondering if anyone has previously lived on Marlborough street (South) have you heard anything in the flats, or seen anything?

Anything you know, have seen, or anything at all, would be really helpful, and put me at ease a little bit!

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Re: Marlborough Street ghosts???

Post by memor »

I'm not trying to rubbish what your saying

I believe you can hear stuff, it's just it's all in your head.

Could be tinnitus (sounds in the ear) and because it's strange and unexplained your body goes on alert and drains the blood to your inner organs, hence the coldness.

Adrenalin is formed and that also gets you hyped up.
I always value Pilots wit and input

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