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Jarrow Pete wrote: Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:04 am
malaymac wrote:Brilliant photo's Brian, really good to see them.

The pedestrian bridge over the line, are you able to say, where abouts that would be ?
Bridge was at top of Spohr terrace just before pit entrance . When I worked at Westoe after Whitburn closed used to cross bridge into Iolanthe Terrace and cross Mowbary Road past the stadium and catch no 12 bus home to Marsden from the bus stop at corner of Westcott Avenue and Horsley Hill Road.
Well I cant view the pictures but by the description they must be outside of my old home and parents shop selling tabs, snuff, chewing backy, ice cream (a pitmans favourite) and boiled sweets lots of them! the old clossed station was just down the road from the shop and myself, friends and older sister played inside the dirty dusty old place with all the old tokens used to ride the train, in later years there was a deal made with a local off licence that pre paid for bottles of beer could be collected from "under the counter" for the shifts that finished after closing time and from what I remember it helped keep the shop open at some very strange hours and the buses had to wait for people collecting their orders, the things you do to earn a keep. There was another smaller pedestrian bridge down the bank next to the Westoe Cemetary entrance with another little shop run by an elderly lady called Eva who was a family friend. On a side note I never ate a school dinner, why? because the pit canteen had the best mince and onion pies I have ever tasted to this very day, may have been a mucky old place but the machine shop did many a repair for me and I even managed to do some fishing there, fishing at westoe pit? oh yes and it made me some nice pocket money, I wonder how many people can work that one out or have read another post Ive made, I miss the place it was my childhood from a very early age.
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