Johnston - Kelso family

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Johnston - Kelso family

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Just found your forum whilst trying to trace family members from my mother's side. Bit of a long shot, but you never know. :)

My mother was Margaret Milverton nee Johnston (1927-1985) married to Ernest Milverton. I know she came from a large family. I suspect, however, that most if not all of her siblings would have passed on by now.

Those that I'm aware of are / were:
Andrew Johnston (1925-1982) I believe he was married to Edith Glenwright.
Mary Johnston (1931 - ? )
Arthur Johnston (1935 - ? ) I believe he may have moved to Southampton.
Ralph Johnston.

Mum's parents were:
James Johnston (1898 - 1951) and Jemima Johnston nee Kelso (1903 - 1947)

I am comparatively certain of the names and dates.

If you recognise anyone or have further information that may help, then please get in touch here or by PM. I'm fairly certain I must have quite a few cousins, at least, that I've never met.

Many thanks.
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