no ppl

Did you attend South Tyneside College? Or are you still there? Then this boards for you!
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Geet Quiet
Geet Quiet
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no ppl

Post by hayley105 »

hey y is there no college plz
Ghostbuster cche
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Full Time Gobber
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Re:no ppl

Post by Ghostbuster cche »

Try Marines section ,

4 a bit of poetry,

"Theywas a lad"

"He tried to b bad"

(This sounds like I am singing Madge's American Life as I type)

"Once wore a hudy",#

"the tutors In Marines said no his orange huddy was way too muddy"

"besides he loked like Baked Beans"

"we wear Navy"(she said)

"bout his huddy"

"well I'm a old fuddy duddy"

"I am not baveing",

"saving my huddy"

but ho cares If I can get dun ,(he thinks!!),

"I'd run"

The jonny grapevine of Huddy's. More again ,with reign!.

Alas Hamps and jamps "huddy and puddy" meet ,with a blend of tripe.

Never no that 1 day that "huddy" will go!
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Post by JonnyRandom »

that was an immense improvement den, how are the remedial english lessons going :lol:
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