Jarra man robbed

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Jarra man robbed

Post by martin »

im gutted where 3rd in table after beaten hedworth boy's 2-0.
we should be 2nd in the league.
we thought that we had beaten them only to go back to a previous game when we got beat 3-2
which we thought was only a freindly but it was suggested at the time to be counted as a league game.
in saying that, they had beat us twice before in freindly's are that what we thought.
not a happy bunny what a bummer.
come on give us that win as it does not mean much to hedworth boys in the league.
come on jarra laker's re-claim that 2nd spot.
cheers gary
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Re: Jarra man robbed

Post by Globalmyths »

And did you get that second spot?
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