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James Frederick Johnson died 1949 10 Ravensbourne Terrace

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:14 pm
by neillpatterson
James Frederick Johnson died 1949 10 Ravensbourne Terrace (now part of Beach Road)

I am looking for any information on James Frederick Johnson who died 1949 at 10 Ravensbourne Terrace, South Shields. He was the retired brewery manager from the Victoria Brewery. His wife was Dorothy Johnson. He had children, one named James F. after himself, also Alfred, and Minnie Johnson who married into the Barclay family.

When he died in 1949, James Frederick's beneficiaries were Edward Beryl and James William Beryl, musicians. In 1939 James Frederick was living at 19 Winchester Street with Louise Johnson-Beryl aged 69 (widower), Louise Johnson-Beryl (daughter) aged 43, Lilian M. Beryl (who married Burns), and Edward Beryl. Part of the Beryl family were connected to the Walsche family, the head of which was a musician from New York.

If anyone has any connection with James Frederick Johnson I would be very pleased to hear from them. I have two photos of him.
Many thanks,