Shields in 20's and 30's

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Shields in 20's and 30's

Post by westoelad »

An amazing in-site into the Gurr / Hair family who live in The Law Top area of South Shields.
They would appear to be quite well off and well travelled even taking with them a gramaphone player as shown in one of the slides.

This compilation was produced by Norman Dunn a Hebburn lad and collector of old local photographs.
The show lasts around twenty minutes so sit back and enjoy.

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Re: Shields in 20's and 30's

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What an interesting compiliation of photos of a family. Aand photos weren't cheap and plentiful in those days to the average joe I would imagine, thinking of the OH's grandfather, with one photo of him in 1920 in a photographers studio. I notice the photos show a lot of relaxing aspects, reading, or fun stuff, well dressed (going out somewhere or just basically well dressed all the time?) Are there any photos of their work or business? I would say, probably Doctors. Dentists, or Lawyers, or something like that? Nice to see that people used to smile in them days for the photos, when so many just kept straight faces.

Thanks for sharing, it's always thought provoking when looking at how people lived and dressed in those days. It is more of the 30's fashions rather than the gatsby fashion era of the 1920's I notice, which incidentally, the gatsby look is so "in" at the moment 8) I suppose the new remake of the charleston dance will make a come-back too :D

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