Cameras and emotions.

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Cameras and emotions.

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Well, I have to ask, something I have noticed, when I am cool calm and collectively in control of photographing, the photos that I take please me.
But.....when I am fussed, rushed, my photography suffers. How can I make certain that no matter what I am feeling, that the photos will turn out okay?

Okay, take for instance, last week, we had our College's 50th Anniversary celebration, wished I took more photos, and forgot about certain things I wanted to photograph, and then some were so blurry I could not believe it. :shock: (I swear my camera is sabottaging me)
Yes....I was part of the hard working committee and rather tired, but I want a camera that won't react with my emotions, and will take good photos every time no matter what I am going through.

Does anyone have this happen to them?

What type of camera would be recommended to take good pics everytime without fail? I must ask this at the camera store, but if anyone has some recommendations in here, I would be happy to look it up.

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