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Photobucket photo fun

Post by danet »

Well, I have been having some more fun discovering the edit button and all these things you can do to photos :D
I uploaded a photo of myself in my younger hippy beaded days of 'make love not war' 'ban the bomb' 'jimmy hendrix' 'peace man' 'pop art'...etc
So here is a sample of a black and white pic I coloured in firstly, then made it into 'pop art' 8)
You put scroll your curser over the photo in photobucket
Click on 'edit'
Then click on 'effects'...and pick whatever colour theme you want to do (can experiment, then undo each time)
I picked 'pop art' and got this effect below. I printed it out as my daughter loves it! 8)


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Re: Photobucket photo fun

Post by ralph »

Great stuff Danet! I can picture soldiers with a flower stuck in the barrel of their rifles and hear songs like 'Blowing in the Wind' and 'If You go to San Francisco' etc. I was never into all that myself, but liked some of the music and still enjoy it today.

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Re: Photobucket photo fun

Post by rainbow »

:D Great effects must try it out with some of my family pics...cheers :D

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