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Re: Blurry images

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:40 am
by danet
...erm will have to get in line behind me with the learning curve of Photoshops etc :lol:

I have noticed, you can get some books that are visual guides on how to use photoshop, on ebay. Or, go into a book store and look in the computer section for those types of books, I bet even the "Dummies Guides" have them too.

I have had programmnes similar, open it up, put a photo in there, then close it up again coz I really have no idea.

Well, I have just downloaded "Gimp" which is a free download available off the net, and decided to muck around with a copy of a photo, and that is the way to learn, when you scroll your mouse over a 'tool', it tells you what it does, such as blur or soft focus, and you select the size brush you want, and away you go with the mouse and curser. At least I have learnt some basic tools and which ones they are, and what they do.
So I guess that's a start for me who knows buckleys about photoshop application :)