Studio 37 Upgrade / New rates

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Studio 37 Upgrade / New rates

Post by nemusic »

Hi there, we've made considerable improvements to Studio37 this month and thought we'd let you know about our special offer for March.

Throughout March, we will be offering 3 days recording for £300 or 5 days for £400
Please get in touch for superb quotes on specialist projects such as Albums / Ep's.

The standard rate for a days recording is now £120.

As well as improving the acoustics of the recording environment, a lot of the equipment has been upgraded as follows:

Spec list Feb 2008

Recording + Outboard
Apple G5 dual core running Logic pro 8.01
Motu Hd 192 Interface. We can now record 12 tracks simultaneously.
For the the purists amongst us, we also have a vintage Tascam 688 mixer and Tape Recorder.

Neve Portico 5032 + Eq
TL Audio Ivory series 5052, dual. Compressor + Eq
FMR Really Nice Compressor
SSL Compressor
SSL Channel Strip + EQ

Mic list

Brauner Phantom
Langevin CR3
SEZ5600A Valve microphone
Groove Tubes FET microphone
RFT Geffell 622 (x2)
SE 3 s.d.c (x2)
Beyer M201
Revox 3500
Audix I5
AKG C1000
Sennheiser E914 sdc
Sennheiser 609
Shure Sm57 beta (x2)
Shure Sm58 Beta (x2)

Free hire of wide range of vintage Amplifiers and Guitars available too.

We'll be putting together a showreel of recordings on the myspace very shortly and will also be offering a very reasonable mastering facility as well for just £15 per track. Again, pm or email for Album / Project quotes


Andrew & Mick

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