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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:32 pm
by passtheball
By any measure Shields were most decidedly unlucky to finish this game with nothing and were very well worth at least a point, after a spirited performance to get back into the game from being 2 down and seemingly out of it. With a sparse bench, two not given penalty appeals, a very poor referee who made numerous lamentable decisions, and several good saves by the home keeper to thwart good efforts by Shields, it was a most disappointing afternoon. In the end analysis when you are at the bottom any luck going does not go for you, as todays game proved. A battling display by Shields that was of credit to all on the park, and true to say at 2 : 2 could have gone either way, with Shields being kept out by several very good saves by the home keeper. However, its three points gone and nothing to show for all the effort and endeavour. For whatever reasons, numerous players were not in evidence for team or bench and which resulted in some players being played out of their normal positions, and who all played a full 90 minutes each. Ramsey played a heroes game and is to be congratulated on his contribution, being far from match fit with only 30 minutes football this season in total played. Of all the others, each one is deserving of a pat on the back in a game that could have gone either way.....RCA had the ball in the net after 2 minutes with a simple header to take an early lead from a ball across the goal area. Kane saw his 7th minute effort clear the bar and on 10 Wightman had a great shot well saved as Shields got going. Ramsey was well in evidence and working hard and on 20 his header went close. RCA doubled their score on 23 against the run of play with a header. Feasey had a good header over on 35 as Shields pressed hard and made all the running and had several good efforts saved, and a RCA fore arm struck by the ball in the box that all saw but the referee ignored. However on 38 Ramsey scored with a picture headed goal, well directed and powerfully struck. Henderson had a great shot on 40 well saved as Shields went close again. In the second period Shields opened strongly and on 10 Wightman collected a ball on the right wing, cut in and beat his man and then the keeper with a great shot from 15 yards just inside the right upright to level. RCA regained the lead on 65 when Winter was unsighted in a goal area scramble. Shields pressed forward and were unfortunate not to level with a couple of chances, with also a second penalty shout ignored but the game ended at 3 : 2 in disappointment for players and the Shields support.
This result only now compounds what is increasingly and seemingly inevitable, unless events take a different course whilst hope and any mathematics of an escape remain in the programme left.
1. Winter. 2. Coe. 3. Pickering. 4. Smith (c) 5. Renshaw. 6. Graham. 7. Wightman. 8. Henderson. 9. Kane. 10. Ramsey.
11. Feasey. Subs. Crutwell. De Lalla. Marshall. MOTH. Henderson.


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:13 pm
by sonfan
For the lads that played this game =D> =D> =D> =D>