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Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:17 pm
by Skip
With no league game, and the friendly postponed too, I went to watch the lads train indoor at power league.
It was a decent session, but the small sided games is what will be talked about I think.
Gus "the defensive wall" was certainly held the RED team together and showed flashes of brilliance. The same cant be said for Tony "nightmare (couldn't trap a bag of cement)" Coe. He would of played better with a blindfold on! Tom "I'm the best player here" Courtney proved that really......he isn't! Chipped twice in 5-a-side.....tut tut Tom!

As for the yellows, Barry "messi feet" Marshall was showing some skills while young Steven "more injuries than Darren Anderton" Ramsey was doing something not many have seen.....scoring goals! Liam "who's on MY team" Henderson forgot he was playing with 5 other players and was seen tampering with the score card, which is maybe how the yellows won!?

As for the best team on paper, the multi colours, one player let them down. Jon "just play off me" King was like having a man less for them. Spent more time on the floor after getting smashed a couple of times and gave the ball away more times than a Labrador would on the bents park! Andy "have these gloves got glue on" Morris kept the team in it throughout every game with some outstanding saves, including 2 penalties. He was let down by the defensive frailties of his team with Johnny "I just can't move" Whightman not requiring a shower after 2 hours workout, and Chris "I'll blame anyone but me" Feasey forgetting how to actually play football.

All in all it seemed a good workout, played in good spirit (except Tony know what you did!).
So Merry Christmas all, and hoping for a better run of results in 2013.