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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:27 pm
by passtheball
Shields have signed two more new players, Chris Renshaw, a 6' 3" centre midfielder who have previously played for West Auckland and Bishop Auckland, and Danny Lay a 6' 4" centre back, previously with Gateshead, more signings are imminent I am informed, so details to come ASAP. News concerning long term injury absentee David Colvin, he had a cartilage operation in November, and a piece of floating bone was removed, and he is hoped to be back in early January. It is hoped that busy December work commitments with both Lee Bell and Paul Robinson ease up soon, both players have had much added work midweek and weekend put their way which have resulted in football taking a back seat for the time being. No further news as yet reference Wayne Clarke and reported illness, hope all may be well soon.