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Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:56 pm
by passtheball
The share issue documentation is currently in process of final preparation at the leading legal consultants of Ward Hadaway in Newcastle, one of the most respected organisations countrywide and indeed listed prominently in the top ten. Expertise is of the very highest order and of the absolute best available extant, and the Supporters Association is therefore extremely fortunate indeed to have been able to have their complete assistance in this matter, due directly to the personage of club President David Miliband MP. Suffice to say that its distribution and wide publicity that will accord it in the media will most hopefully be of great significance to the current fund raising activities of SSFC, and is fully intended to maximise its potential to the wider community at large and to hopefully exploit its appeal to all football orientated members of the public where South Shields FC is concerned, to attract their support and in so doing hopefully greatly assist the financial contribution of the association to the football club.