Sima v Top Club Match Report

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barry fry
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Sima v Top Club Match Report

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Sima 2-5 Top Club
Well it was the same old story again this week for Sima as again they looked to be in a comfortable possistion to take all 3 points but again came away with nothing.Sima started the game brilliantly and well deserved the lead when a through ball by Smith wac brilliantly put away by Cooper (bout time he got off the mark this season).Five minutes later Sima scored again wnen Nezza put away his chance to put Sima 2-0 up after only 30mins and to be honest i thought we were gonna run away with it (but how wrong i was)
Then for some reason the Sima keeper decided to have his daft 10 minutes which is happening quite regulary now and this disrupted the whole Sima back four as the Top Club scored 3 inside 10 mins and went in at half timw 3-2 up.
Sima didnt get started in the second half and again defensive errors were to blame for the Top Club other 2 goals.The lads never recovered and apart from Smith and Wann decided to just give up.
Sima then made a few changes only for one player to spit the dummy out when he was brought off he thinks because he travels a bit to a match he should play every second of every game even tho for the last two weeks he has been very poor (and to be honest he isnt even that good)
Well Sima are away to Prince Edward Pirates next week at Temple Park who are currently bottom of the league so Sima might actually have a chance.
Star Man-Darren Wann =D> =D> =D> =D>


Re: Sima v Top Club Match Report

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nice post barry, thanks for the time you have taken to post it

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Re: Sima v Top Club Match Report

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Fair account of the game Barry, =D> although I feel it’s unnecessary to criticise certain players on a public web site [-X [-X .
If you want to follow that path, you could soon be struggling to get a team out at all.
Growing old is not so bad when you consider the alternative!

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