Lytton Street in South Shields

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Re: Lytton Street in South Shields

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john forster's paper shop was on the corner of corbridge st. and taylor st. thanks for the welcome . iam infact kenny ord and have just sorted my email acc.
i was just using my wifey's address til sorted

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Re: Lytton Street in South Shields

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I was a paper lad at Forsters for a while in the 60s. He was a good payer (25 bob a week) compared to the shop in South Frederick Street which only paid 16 bob a week. Mind, you earned it especially on a Sunday when you would be out with two bags. Nowadays you wouldn't be allowed to do it on health and safety grounds.

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Re: Lytton Street in South Shields

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Finn wrote:Hi! My grandmas uncle and family, surname Anderson, lived in November 1920 at 91 Lytton Street in South Shields. He was captain on a small steamship named Eweel. I try to trace the family and children. What kind of house and area was/is this? Where in South Shields was/is it situated? Does anybody know the family or the steamer? Please, inform the forum and me.
Hi Finn,

My great-grandfather was called Anderson, he lived in Lytton Street and he was originally from Sweden. He was also in the merchant navy, so there's a good chance he's who you're looking for.

Unfortunately I'm not able to send you a private message, but if you are still around, let me know so we can try and get in contact directly.

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