Laygate Lane School

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Laygate Lane School

Post by Ingeryl » Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:51 am

Until a couple of days ago, I hadn't browsed the Sanddancers
for almost a year. I have brothers living in Shields, and a few weeks
ago my brother Ernie phoned to inform me of my youngest brothers
death. he had been ill for a long time.
During our long conversation we talked of an incident at laygate
school that has intrigued me in the past.
About 80 years ago give or take, a cousin of ours, (Ralph Urwin)
was using the urinal in the school yard. when the wall collapsed
killing him. I started school age 6 at the laygate infants, this was
1930,I don't know if this was before the accident or not.
Any old codgers still around that remember this?
Tom Rylance
tom rylance

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