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Mr Welsh policeman

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I lived next door to Mr Welsh all my young days in Dorset Ave. I have been searching for some time to find anyone who knew what the farm and big house (as we knew it ) was called. I just remember being told it was Snowdons Farm and the cottage on the top of the hill overlooking Harton Downhill Infants was occupied by a farmer who we named as kids as Mad Harry. Gosh did he race out from the farm in his ramshackle lorry, how we were not run over, to this day I will never know. All my friends in that street were lost to me many years ago. There was also another farm to the right of our house (we lived at the very top of Dorset) but I cannot remember when it was demolished. Yes the Big house was made into a Youth club which I feel today should have been renovated and not destroyed. If I remember rightly was it not eventually turned into a childrens nursery????.So yes I am old enough to remember the rattler the hills I used to play on, the old century box the farms the grotto Marsden the leas my schools Downhill infants Horsley hill juniors and last but not least REDWELL .Happy days sadly gone but certainly not forgotten. I think back of fond memories of my friends past and present. So if anyone knows what the farms were called I would be grateful.

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