Marsden Street

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Re: Marsden Street

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Yes, Gerty Ockleford, now there was a character.
Her house is still standing (it missed the mass demolition of the surrounding area) resplendid withthe large stone pillar gate posts - number 52 Chichester Road if I remember.
She only worked eight months or so of the year teaching the rudiments of music and the pianoforte, the other months she was contracted to play piano on board a cruise liner.
I could imagine her mixing in the circles you see on period drama's such as Murder on the Nile with hat and beed and the like.
I don't think her style of teaching would be allowed in todays world [-X

Kathy Thomas
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Re: Marsden Street

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I really like the photo posted by brian c. Is it of Marsden Street? My grandmother, Margaret Martin Jameson (married name Bowsfield) lived at no. 223 in the late 1890s. The 1901 census records the house as 'Family away'. She had just lost two children within 10 days of each other and I think she was staying with her mother in Cleveland Street. I am writing up as much as I can discover about my South Shields family and would love to include this photo if it is Marsden Street. Reading the descriptions of the place on this forum is fascinating. My grandfather, Ralph Bowsfield, was a boilermaker and then a lighter engineman.

Derek Judd
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Re: Marsden Street

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Hi, I'm Derek Cheesman (well I was back then). Mam married again. I was the one that chundered in the middle of the night - I think I ate too much!! I remember Steven Casey and Paul Mars. Great days at Brownsea Hall. 8)

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