grocer in laygate

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Re: grocer in laygate

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That would be just across the road from the Zion Hall Pete, looking down Palmerston Street.
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Re: grocer in laygate

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harryharpurhey wrote:I don't know if the question has been answered; I know that it's a few years ago.
The grocers in Laygate were my relatives.
Jimmy McLean and his wife, Nora (nee Coser) had the shop first. It was then taken over by Charlie Coser and his wife, Irene (nee Elliott).
Charlie and Nora were the brother and sister of my mother, Sarah Coser.
Charlie had ambitions to be a Conservative councillor. Unfortunately for him, his uncle was Billy Malcolm - I'm sure the surname is familiar.
Charlie was a rep for VG and his customers were not to happy about his proposed move in to politics, which proved to be short lived.
My mother was among a number of young women who worked at the Syko?? who were conscripted to do war work in Manchester.
Any information on the Syko?? (although I was taken there when I was young, I'm unsure of the spelling) will be grateful received. Also any information on why the women were sent to Manchester. Plus any information on Captain Jimmy McLean.

re harrharpurhey

Sarah (sally) coser was my much loved aunty she married harry spooner and moved to manchester area i think all the above are my were aunts and uncles, sadly all passed away i am aware that jimmy mclean had the shop first then sold it to my uncle charlie but can not place where the shop was . i have info regarding jimmy mclean and have contact with his grandaughter if you wish to contact me harry i would be pleased to hear from you i seem to remember you saved me from drowning, on one of our many trips to the beach with my aunt sally when she came to visit!

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Re: grocer in laygate

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The shop is still there on the corner of South Frederick and Temple St. Different owners of course.

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