Vist Manchester and Liverpool

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and you live in wales. mind you ive seen wales no wonder you pretend to be from manchester wales is one big grey damp s*ithole. baaaaaa
HaWaY Yu bug*er EvErYoNe gEt dOoN FrIdAy nEeT Gan tO ThE ToOn.


Re: Vist Manchester and Liverpool

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My daughter is at University at Manchester and we had to go down to collect her for Christmas. She works dual store for Sainsbury's and did not finish her part time duties till 14:00 Saturday so whilst she was at work, me and the better half had a look around the shops in Manchester.
What strikes you first off is the size of the people...............blokes all seem to be over six foot and the girls are all at least 5'10''.
Everyone, and I mean even the tramps! are polite, not like in the TOON! A bloke bouced into me, and before I could say sorry like, he had apoliged, and people hold the doors open for you, just like when we were kids!!!
The size of the place and its architecture is AMAZING. What a great city, I intend to visit again to sample more of the place.

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