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Save a packet on Insurance

Post by Axeman »

I've already told you about the FREE way to get cashback off your on-line shopping.

But I've just received the amount I'll get back from my house contents insurance.

Heres the statement from the admin section of my FREE shopping website.


That nice little 20% ( £20.25 ) saving takes my cashback to around £50 since I used it, which means as I'm now over £20 I'll get my cheque at beginning of next month.

To think I would have saved nothing if I'd went direct to Esures website instead of through mine.

I strongly recommend you sign up to your own Free shop.


Keep you eyes open as this shopping website will be opening in the USA and Australia as soon as legalities are complete.

WWW.NEWHARTLEYSERVICES.CO.UK. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Swap to a cheaper, better service.
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