£100 MILLION SUPERDRAW - What would you do with it ?

Sell your, House, Car, Dog, Cat, Boat, Household Items or even trade in your lass for a younger model
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£100 MILLION SUPERDRAW - What would you do with it ?

Post by Axeman » Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:23 pm

It's a EuroMillions "Superdraw" on Friday, 26 September, 2008, in which £100 million GBP (nearly €125 million Euros) MUST BE WON.

If nobody matches all five main numbers plus both "Lucky Stars" (which e-lottery syndicate Members are guaranteed to match), then the humongous jackpot will roll down to the next prize tier. If nobody matches that, it will roll down to the next... and keep going until someone is a VERY lucky winner!

With a jackpot this huge, e-lottery syndicate Members would EACH receive £2.5 million GBP (€3.1 million Euros) if their syndicate is the sole winner!

If you don't want to join full time, just select weekly payment ( rather than monthly )

Then suspend membership after draw.

You can always start membership up again at times of rollovers or another Superdraw.

Guaranteed to get the two lucky Stars remember.


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