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What are the Odds?

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:30 pm
by ralph
Many Years ago, I made a post on 'The Old Codgers' part of the Sanddancer site. About three years after I made the post a friend that I had not seen for about 50 years, had posted underneath, asking if I was the person she remembered from those far distant times. I sent and email through the moderator confirming that I was. My email went unaswered and I assumed that at best, she had changed her email address, at worst - she had passed away.

The years have rolled on and the a couple of days ago, on a Facebook forum, a man posted a childhood photo of his wife and added her maiden name. I sent him a message and within a day or two, I had a reply from my long-lost friend! I was so delighted that there had eventually been a happy end to the mystery and pleased to know that she was still about and happy. :D

Re: What are the Odds?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:11 am
by jeff
On our last trip to Australia (2017) we spent a weekend with the family up in Canberra. We visited the National Art Gallery and then went on to a Science Feature,"Questacon". The grand children loved this but the wrinklies found it hard going so we stepped outside and sat on the patio enjoying the sun.
As we sat there another family group passed by, on their way out of the complex - two or three children, Mum and probably grandma.

I looked and thought "I think I know that older lady", but was not quite sure and not wishing to upset anyone left it at that. But the thought lingered and when I was a little more certain, enough to make an approach, they had gone.

On our return to England my wife was booked to take a service at one of our local Methodist Churches and as I was at a loose end I went with her.
In the congregation was a lady with whom I used to work and, like me, had since retired and had moved back to live in Scotland. I had not seen her for well over ten years, probably longer.

I had a chat and said to her "Nice to see you. What are you doing here today?"

Well, she had come down to Bath for a funeral in the past week and having seen my wife's name on the list of preachers for that Sunday, decided she would come along before she went back home.

I said to her " We were in Canberra, at Questicon, a few weeks back and I thought I saw someone who looked very much like you , but could not be sure"

"Yes" she said "I was with my family for a couple of months in Sydney and we went down to Canberra for the weekend!"


Re: What are the Odds?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:55 am
by andysfootball
speak up next time son