For all you Muslin Haters.....

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For all you Muslin Haters.....

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don't be so close minded, muslin cloth has many very good uses :)

Straining liquids to filter out any impurities (such as stocks or consommé)
•Hanging cooked fruit to separate out liquid, essential for creating quince or apple jellies or marmalades
•Making cheese; squeezing liquid whey from the cheese curd
•Filtering aged wines or port for decanting, removing any sediment
•Soak muslin in butter and cover turkey or chicken b*easts while roasting to keep them moist
•Strain yoghurt for a few hours to thicken it into labna (eaten in Lebanese homes for every breakfast)
•Wrap grated zucchini, potato, beetroot or carrot in muslin to easily squeeze out all excess moisture
•Straining peppercorns, herbs and shallots from vinegar in a classic béarnaise sauce
•Muslin cloth is essential when creating your own tofu from soy beans
•Combine cream cheese and ricotta and strain into a classic Coeur à la crème
•Wrap lemon or lime halves in muslin and place in the centre of the table for easy squeezing without pips or pulp
•Make your own tea bags for an interesting morning tea spread
•Line your bowl with muslin when proving bread dough to eliminate the need for excess flour or oil
•Create a muslin bag filled with herbs and aromatics, for easy retrieval after making stock, soup or a classic sauce

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