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Rules reminder

Post by curly » Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:00 pm

I have deleted the whole of the hospital waiting list thread, having skimmed through it the other night I made my feelings known that it had not been debated in the right place, others made their feelings known that some of the issues ought not to have been aired at all, and it was obvious that some of the language and adjectives had become objectionable and offensive.

I don't censor lightly, indeed I prefer not to censor at all, I believe that it may be possible for you all to "self police" the rules and not descend into hurling brickbats, personal abuse, and racist sloganising at each other (it is not too much to ask).

I deleted the whole thread because it was far easier than winkling out the offending remarks one by one, I am not a full time policeman for this place.

A reminder of the rules.


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