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Antiques Sideshow...ANSWERS

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:36 am
by malrap
The following are the costs,and perhaps some 'tongue in cheek'comments.Offthe wall done well with the pistol,but it is difficult to try to guess,what may or may not be be attractive to bidders.

Item 1,,The pistol,was purchased for £320,pehaps similar to those used by the Highwayman Dick Turpin,whose famous shout,of 'Stand and deliver','I am going to rob the women and rape the men',was met with the comment..'surely that should be the other way about'...Turpins answer...'You do what you want to do,and I'll do what I want to do'.

Item 2,,The bureau/bookcase,sold for £230,no doubt to be restored.I presume that with more and more computer and Internet facilites available,it asks the question..'Are books on the way out' will in fact bookcases continue to be needed??

Item3,,The harpsichord,bought for £350,this seems rather cheap to me,as you don't see a lot of these now.I pictured for an instant Handel sitting at it composing his famous 'Water Music',and then remembering the floods this summer,quickly replaced the image,with one of Samuel Pepys,writing his Diary,at the bureau(item 2) with a similar type (item1),close at hand,used to warn off any footpads,while he was out shopping for his ink.

I will put some more items on next week,any particular interests let me know,and will include if and when at Auction.

Re: Antiques Sideshow...ANSWERS

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 2:03 pm
by Globalmyths
Thank you for the results much appreciated.

You showed us a Harpsichord. Now how about showing us a Virginal :lol: at least it wouldn't be banished to the darkzone.

My interests lie mainly in old oil paintings.