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Geet Quiet
Geet Quiet
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Post by jothesycobitch »

i luv polly and so dus polly and so dus lizzy and we all want to kill her as she is a swety jew!!! polly is blonde and curly.

as this s te dating page.
poll needs a girl frend!!!!
she has me (jo) but i cant give her everything she needs. she is a woman of many differant desires!!
if you think you can give wore polly a nice loving s*x!! sesion. please contact me

80% of daily mail readers object to s*x
76% of house wives dont like ... on there lorn s*x!!
99% of Polly's brain is full of ... s*x!!!!
clever statistics!!
polly is sitting nodding teehee!
SHAT A YOU RACIST b***h!!!!!!

luv yooh
please date my polly flower! she is loverly and is the s*x. and she is reeely reeluy pretty but she bums hard!!! my 5th p*nis is now brokenbecasuse polly is good:D lol

good bueee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
buy her!!
~ meh ~

Big Gob
Big Gob
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Post by JP »

I'm up for some of that, summit to do on a night time I suppose

Geet Quiet
Geet Quiet
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Post by *.polly.* »

i'm polly :)

soz bout your p*nis jo :oops:

love yooohh


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Full Time Gobber
Full Time Gobber
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Post by gazza »

well.........one must dump onez fat sumwhere.....................eh

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