King George Comp 1984 - 1989

Meet up with other ex pats
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King George Comp 1984 - 1989

Post by Stainesy »

Hey there

Is anyone on here that went to King George Comp in the years mentioned in the topic title.

I left Shields in 1987 and emigrated to Adelaide, havent been back yet, so now Im trying to get some contact happening with some old school mates. I suppose the easiest way is to mention some names and see if I get any responses LOL. Been such a bloody long time, Neil Craig, Glen Pascoe, Brian Tully, David Laws, Ian Said, Charlie Fallon, Colin Grey, Karl Dambers Mark Severs, John Allom.

God know I gotta mention the girls HAHA, Sharon Ball, Sharon Bayes, Lesley Moffat, Michelle Gibson, Samantha Welsh, Nicola Brown

Hopefully my log on name will jog some memories, Im the younger Stainesy I got an older brother John who went to the school a couple of years earlier.

Heres hoping for some positive responses.


Re: King George Comp 1984 - 1989

Post by jimmywizz »

hi stainesy
why not sign up for our schools website at ... olid=20426
its free and you can now post any comments on that page

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