Stanhope Road School 1963 to 1968

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Re: Stanhope Road School 1963 to 1968

Post by The viking » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:22 pm

I remember killer Crowley taught maths and tech drawing also Gertrude Ward,
a few names I remember Alan Mason, Bob Sellers, Gillie Mc Millian,The Jacksons Colin Les Brian, Snadge, Bob Reed I left summer 1964 worked the yards for a few years then a few years overseas, great times they where.

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Re: Stanhope Road School 1963 to 1968

Post by callummal » Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:39 pm

my name malcolm gunn-- hi i went to Stanhope school and left easter 1968 a few of those names mensioned rang a bell

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Re: Stanhope Road School 1963 to 1968

Post by CraigSowerby » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:35 am

Hi does anybody remember my man Brenda Keith or my auntie bronwin Keith or David Keith my uncle their all were brought up in Stanhope road to I assume they would have went to Stanhope school

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Re: Stanhope Road School 1963 to 1968

Post by Cairngormer7374 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:20 pm

Imago wrote:OK....Here's a list of my fellow schoolmates......There was Keith Whitelaw (who ended up as a merchant seaman); Alan Nesbitt (hardest man in the school, who quit after fourth year, got married and went down Westoe pit); Kenneth Flood; Johnny Nipper; Ramon Nasser; Leonard Young; Alan Watson; Jimmy Burgess; David Carey (who emigrated to Canada as a cook); Michael Smithson; Eddie Barton; David Reed; Peter Knox; Richard Ford; John Carr; David Purvis; Michael Cunningham, Derek Branch; the aforementioned Billy Cooper; Brian Mason and Willie Waller......While on the girls side there were the Byrne (identical) twins - Susan and Diane; Susan Riley; Heather Lorimer; Gwyneth Griffiths (dangerous to pronounce if you're packing dentures); Shiela Gaff; Joan Scott; Barbara Scott; Audrey Mason (sister to Brian); Leslie Foster and a red-headed-lass called Underwood whose first name I can't remember.

Should any of you read this posting then I would be more than happy to hear from you (or indeed, friends/colleagues who have any gen to offer on the listed names).

I must now stand aside and let somebody else have a go.


John Finnigan.
I'll have to get onto 'our kid' Arty to have a memory check on here for you. I remember the Byrnes twins, they lived in Brockley Whins and John Nipper and Floody. but I was 69 -74 so not my era. Crowell Brilliant maths teacher as was Brett. Dorothy Ellis a gem at Geography as was Angus McD at Tech Drawing. A hard but fair school -If you worked hard.

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Post by ronsmith » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:14 am

Jane wrote:Had real problems logging on today the internet can be a tad prehistoric here lol. I live in Javea on the Costa Blanca bang inbetween Alicante and Valencia your relatives are much further south than me, mydaughter has been down there and says its lovely. Like you I didnt have children till later my eldest girl is only 19 and the youngest 17 in March we were so busy working (we had a business) but I dont regret having them later as I have done most things I ever wanted to do.
I am the eldest of four, after I left school Mum got a house on the sutton trust estate (first ever bathroom and indoor toilet) so my younger siblings went to schools in that area and of course it wasnt long before they went off to Australia. I went there last August as my Mum remarried (again) to an American and he was in Oz so got to meet him she now lives in Wisconsin ( all this at 77).
I can understand your wanting to return to the North East especially as all your family are there, its good for your children to be with family too, the southerners just arent that friendly. One of the things I love about trips to Geordie land is knowing I can just chat to anyone and they wont think Im odd. Elsie Brennan was in my class, Jean Hart,Ann Dahl,Derek Nutter and the other names are there just cant retrieve them lol.
I remember being sent to wait outside Mr Cousins office (probably been lippy) but when he eventually arrived asked me what I was doing there and sent me back to class, no punishment. Did Kenny go to Miss Bluetts wedding? she then became Mrs Anderson. I lived in South Frederick Street then.
Best away, boring things to do like cleaning, take care
Hi Jane, my name is Ron Smith, i was Derek Nutters best mate, i actually took you home from somewhere, you used to live above a shop in Fredrick Street, the front door was round the corner, you mentioned Anne Dahl, i saw her in hospital about 2/3 years ago, they had opened her up, but could do nothing for her, she died last year RIP Anne, i just posted 2 photos on friends reunited of the football and cricket teams from 1965, derek and myself are on them, heres some other names for you, i was in mr Dales class 4b, jean hepplewhite, denise whitehead, janet hunter, maggie bell, paula brooks, barbara black, diane stuart, muriel?, Colin Goodwin rip, ron bainbridge,ken temple, rip, we will all be retired this/next year and it would be a good idea for a retirement reunion from that year, old age is catching up on all of us, i just had a new knee(all the football) and got diagnosed with cancer the week before xmas last year, and had the bowel removed in January, hopefully all will be well, my e-mail is, if you want a copy of the 2 photos i have of the lads, photos of the girls, never seen any photos of the girls, i myself turned 65 last week, i just wonder how many of us are still here, and how many went early, life is a b***h,
Ron smith

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