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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:31 pm
by Westoe Wanderer
I started there 1970ish and did enjoy Mobray Road, seemed like in those days the sun always shone because being on the school field or in the 1 acre field around the corner has never left me? I remember the potacabin class room aswell it was like a sweat box with all the glass, even after I left Mobray road and went to that horible place called Westoe I still hung out with local friends at the Jack Clarke Park criket grounds or the allotments next to it, sad to hear its gone now but every time I go back to South Shields and Westoe (few and far between now due to mobility problems) something else from my chilhood has been flattend, I think my older sister still has all my old school photographs, next time I see her I wll ask her to scan and forward them to me and I will post them up.