Mortimer Infant and Juniors 78-84

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Mortimer Infant and Juniors 78-84

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Does Anyone remember these teachers and their evilness/niceness?

Miss Philips ( yellow reception class) saw her in store a few years ago, she must have been sleeping in a freezer as didn look any different that how I remember her in 78

Miss Hudson (5 year olds) nice newly qualified teacher I think

Mrs Bulmer (6 year olds) evil woman, she used to cycle to school on an old butchers bike! Never forget her telling me I'd come 16th in the class, in front of the whole class!!

Mrs Alderson (Junior school 7 year olds) Another evil one. She used to wear different sets of winged spectacles with the wings being of various colours, even in 81 she was still living in 45.

Mrs Bruce (Junior school 8 year olds) yet another evil one. Chain smoker who used to put your initials on the blackboard for talking (or should I nowadays politically correctly say chalk board!) and then give you lines, normally 10 or 20 which was alot for a 8 year old to write

Miss Clayton who became Mrs Thompson (Junior school 9 year olds) a nice teacher who was bemused as to how to use a BBC Micro computer!

Mrs Nicholson (Junior school 10 year olds) a nice teacher who only had 1 arm. (not liked my everyone mind you! she was strict)

Mr Huntly (Junior school 9 year olds) dont mess with this guy, he was a black belt in Karate. I used to go to Hebburn Karate club and he trained there.

Mr Hoben (headmaster) he was the head for a long time, at least till after 1991.

Miss Donaldson (headmistress of the infant school) a real old school headmistress who kept a tin of toffees to give you for passing your reading tests. Wouldnt get past health and safety these days.. choking and all that!!

Does anyone have class photos for any of these years?
enjoy memories before they fade out.

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Re: Mortimer Infant and Juniors 78-84

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Wow! This brought back memories. I only did reception year at Mortimer, from 1980 as we moved away, I was in red reception class, but remember swapping around- I think yellow was my favourite as it was reading and playing! I definitely remember the toffees for reading, maybe that was why I enjoyed it so much- good times! :)

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