psychiatry call centre

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psychiatry call centre

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Welcome to the psychiatry helpline!

For feelings of lonliness, press 1 and 1 entirely alone.

For kleptomania, press 2, then put the phone back where it came from you thieving b*****d!

For paranoia, I wouldn't press anything if I were you. THEY have probably got the damned phone wired up to a bomb!

For schizophrenia,one of you can press 4 and the other can press 5.

For fear of demonic possession, press 666.

For obsessive compulsive disorder, press 7. Then press 7 again. Then press 7 again....

For feelings of rejection, why bother pressing anything at all? Who's going to bother about a nobody like you?

For inferiority complex press 9. But you can be sure somebody will make a better job of pressing it than you.

For alcoholism, move that pink elephant to one side, and press 0.

For all other complaints, for God's sake try the Samaritans!!

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