Diesel cars (pros and cons)

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funny as fcuk
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Post by funny as fcuk »

If it were me I wouldn't get a diesel, they are noisy and smelly :(

(Dont want to upset average len with the noise!) :lol:

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Podgy Pete
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Now you'll probably not take any notice of me but.

If the diesel vehicle has been regularly serviced and maintained good. They'll go on for at least 250,000 miles.

If your going to do lots of miles again worth getting but if your going to be doing less than 10,000 miles per year not.

They are much cleaner and less noisier than they used to be.

However if something major does go wrong they can be more costly to repair than petrol driven cars.

I hope this helps Spodge.

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Post by furball »

If money is no issue then buy royce rolls.

The Lot
Geet Quiet
Geet Quiet
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Post by The Lot »

One thing MANY people don't know about TURBO diesels is that they should let the engine idle after a journey for up to 2 mins (depending on how hard you were driving). If this simple rule is neglected then the life of your turbo will be dramatically reduced and will be costly to replace/repair.

As Podgy Pete says, if these are properly serviced and maintained they will last for ages...


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Post by JonnyRandom »

"people who are gnerally unable to own a flash car normally do?"
:shock: :5headache: #-o
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Post by gazza »

well.....................deezul stinx m8.............
petrul smellz a tad betta....................

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