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Well you got to admit that....whether you can tolerate furry or not, he sure is well known around here and seems to have some sort of lasting impression. Reminds me of Dame Nellie Melba, famous singer etc. she used to say to the newspaper journalists something to the effect of "...for goodness sakes, always write something about me, whether it's good or bad, as long as you write something about me!"
Well, it sure worked, she was not only famous and sought after and respected, but also very rich and lived a grand life.
Sherri could tell you, there is even a museum here in Lilydale in her honour (about 40 mins east of Melbourne).
And, if furry keeps his capers going, never know, he just might get his own museum too one day hehehe :roll:
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I remember w*nkers. take in taxi to Australia House via market.
They also make nasty stains on upholstery.
Lousy tippers

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