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Post by curly »

O.k. Jimmy, when Ashtray publishes his itinery and dates, you can send the invitations out to the "shareholders"


Post by jimmywizz »

no problem

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Post by ashtray »

Lads...what are you all talking about?
Itinery,dates and shareholders?
By the way probs be august now as sandhaven caravan park is all booked up for july it seems,that or bed and breakfast somewhere else.

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Post by annie »

:( Well that's just bliddy great !!!!! A board meeting a party and I can't get there, British Airways is not flying into NY at the moment, Air France, you couldn't pay me to get on that bloody rabbles plane.....I WANNA COME <sniff sniff sniff absolute devestation>Jimmy do you think the Freda Cunningham would come over for me???? :angry9:


Post by jimmywizz »

ashtray we have 2 guesthouses on our accommodation pages, both run by canny local people

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