Harton College Area?

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Durham Guy
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Harton College Area?

Post by Durham Guy »

Hiya Folks,
I'm looking to move to Shields and am hoping to get my kids into Harton College as I've heard good things about it. 3 queries that I'd welcome advice on -
1) Is the college good?

2) What is the surrounding area like to live in?

A local estate agent is trying to warn me off houses in the Cross Way area as it's rough but is telling me that the Sycamore/Oak Avenue area (where her company has houses) is much better. As an outsider, the areas don't look much different except the Cross Way area is much closer to the school.

3) Is she having me on?



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Re: Harton College Area?

Post by Gatchie »

Hello Durham Guy.

Crossway it's self is okay, most of the houses are privately owned now, but I'm sorry to say the rest of 'The Wedge', as the area is now known, is okay but not as nice.

Sycamore Avenue. A mixture of council and excouncil houses. Now, not too bad an area, really. But, rumour has it, they'll be pulled down in 5 years time, as the rest of that estate has been demolished and developed in recent years.

Oak Avenue. This street and its surrounding area used to be the posh end of the Cleadon Park estate until the redevelopment of the Sycamore Avenue end of it. Quite an okay part, as are the surrounding streets.

Bear in mind I've lived in the area all my life and am 'used to it'! And I know people who live/havelived in all 3 streets you ask about. I live in one of those streets myself and love it. Like everywhere, there's good /bad people and properties.

My kids went to Harton School - as it was then - and in recent years it's been developed and had investments made and it has furthered an already good reputation. There's also a new school opened last year nearer Sycamore Avenue,so check that out too.

As to estates agents - remember,they're on commision!

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