Did You Miss Me?

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Elaine H
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Did You Miss Me?

Post by Elaine H »

Hi all,

well, I finally managed to actually log in here after being inactive for a long time. Sorry I haven't been here in a while, but what with work and then losing my log-in info I just haven't had much time lately.
So how is everyone? Doing well I hope. I am very well - now 2 years cancer free- yippeeeee. Unfortunately though, the medication I take to keep the cancer at bay has caused me to have diabetes - so yet another pill to take every day. I am sure that if I jump, I'd rattle !

I am hoping to come over to Sunny Shields again this August. Will let you know when the trip has been finalized.

In the meantime I am looking forward to catching up on all the local gossip again. Too many posts for me to read back, so I will start afresh from today.

Gaan Canny

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Re: Did You Miss Me?

Post by Globalmyths »

looks like nobody but me missed you Elaine. But I noticed more people missed you in Curly's store.
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Re: Did You Miss Me?

Post by baldy.smith »

Hi Elaine, it's been so long that you'll have to remind me of who you are again. :lol:

Hope you are keeping well, and actually I was just thinking and wondering about you,
the other day. I was also thinking about another missing lady board member from Canada,
"Cushy Butterfield" she last visited the boards on January 2nd.
I have not seen any posts from her for a long time.

Anyway I hope you're back to stay this time. :wink:


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Re: Did You Miss Me?

Post by Beachbum »

Beachbum missed you too.

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Re: Did You Miss Me?

Post by memor »

Yes Elaine.

Nice to know that your ok.
I always value Pilots wit and input

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