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Aneesas Laygate

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:55 am
by Hec
Well, I've read some great reports about this Indian Buffet, so I went last night with a party of ten, all local sandancers.
The food was very good and well worth the £11.95. HOWEVER, my wife and I were the only ones drinking wine so were told that there would be a 10% corkage charge on our £2.50 bottle of asdas best. As we all intended to pay as couples I thought no more about it until the bill came. It came as one bill and when asked if we could pay separately we were told NO. The corkage on our little bottle of wine was £15. OUTRAGOUS !
So if your going to visit Aneesas, There system of charging has obviously changed from when they first started.

Just a thought, I may be wrong, but I would think they don,t serve alcohol on a religious stance. but find it perfectly accepable to charge you to drink it. Mmmmm.

Obviously I will not be returning, nor will my ten friends. I have placed this thread on numerous dining out forums to inform diners to beware of the corkage. I would think their £15 corkage will end up costing them a lot more. But hey, The food was great. lol.

Quote from winers guild. "To charge corkage a service must be provided, A chilling service, glasses and a waiter to pour" Well I did get the glasses.